Mumbai: Visual Impact with Goral Ajmera

Instructor: Goral Ajmera

1) What is your class about?
I taught Visual Impact to a talented, enthusiastic group of 10 students. The subject was so broad that we divided the classes into 7 sub-categories to cover various aspects of Visual Impact. The first was about Visual Impact through Photography, the second through Graphics & Symbols, the third through Typography, fourth and fifth was using Illustrations, the sixth through Installations and lastly Visual Impact using Negative Space. We often started each topic discussing life examples and then trickled down into advertising and design instances. 

2) What is the most important thing you want students to take away from your class?
Leave nothing to chance. As a student of visual language myself, I have learned that every piece of communication needs to be crafted with intention and intelligence so that it does not go unnoticed. At the same time it should not be 'over done'. This is the learning I wish to pass on to all my students. 

3) What is one of your favorite assignments to give? Please share a few pieces of the best work your students have done for this assignment? Why do you like this work?
Achieve Visual Impact using Negative Space and make viewers look twice. This assignment allowed students to expand their visual and ideation skills since two visual representations needed to coexist. Have attached some examples worked by my students.     

4) What do you like about teaching?
The research that I put into every class got me closer to the reason I joined advertising. Spending a lot of time on pure art and craft is a luxury in my busy role of selling work to clients. Also the enthusiasm in students was infectious and I often found myself carrying back this energy to my workplace. 

5) Aside from teaching, what is it that you do in your regular day to day jobs working with clients?
I work with my clients to understand their business problems and solve them with the help of innovative advertising and new-age communication solutions. We have a large team in Mumbai so a significant part of my day is spend ideating and creating work with my teams.