Hamburg: Integrated Advertisting with Sascha Hanke

Instructor: Sascha Hanke  Executive Creative Director, Kolle Rebbe Hamburg

1.What is your class about?
The class is about integrated advertising: don´t just come up with a good print ad, a single good digital idea or a good film script. Come up with all of them! The goal is to have a brilliant basic idea first and then find a unique interpretation of this idea, push it across a range of various media channels in order to have the most effective solution. First five or six weeks of the course my students spend searching for this big smart idea. During this time we rarely even talk about execution. It´s really tough at the times, pure brain squeeze that’s what it is.

2.What is the most important thing you want students to take away from your class?
I never really thought about this until right now. Maybe this is what I want them to learn: think less, feel more. Be emotional. And if you do think about something, don´t think too much about the future, the end of the class, things you might do after finishing school. Surrender to now. Presence is the key. Focus at the moment. 

3.What is one of your favorite assignments to give? Please share a few pieces of the best work your students have done for this assignment? Why do you like this work?
Apart from the example that follows below I usually only give assignments for real clients we have in the agency. The reason why I do it is that I don´t want my students to work on theoretical problems that are unlikely to happen in real business.
In the last couple of years I gave out plenty of briefs for our client Lufthansa. One of the works created for this client even won a Young Guns Award just recently: „Make long distance half the distance“. The idea was to target people who are in a long distance relationship. Not only it is interesting from the brand´s perspective, but the execution is extremely smart:

CW: Christian Thomsen
AD : Kostia Liakhov, Carine Howayek

4.What do you like about teaching?
I enjoy being surrounded by as equally young, talented and beautiful people as I am myself ;-) 

5.Favorite work done by the students?
I remember one team working on a promo idea for the very famous German restaurant. They understood the importance of entertainment when it comes to presenting your ideas in front of an audience and ended up projecting their face2face-campaign directly into a frying pan. (Picture 1 + Picture 2)