Berlin: Typography with Ray Ho

Instructor: Ray Ho Creative Director DDB Berlin

1.What is your class about?
I want to convey the importance of tonality and meaning within communication.

We start by laying the groundwork with the story and background of typography - it’s styles, movements and best practices. The student are invited to explore these themes through engaging design tasks, learning about the power good type setting has with bare-bones typographical executions, to how typography should play together with composition, color and graphics.

2.What is the most important thing you want student to take away from your class?
By using typography as a medium, I want to unravel the dark art of design rationalization. It’s all well and good feeling that something looks great or fits together, but it’s better when you can articulate why and how.

3.What is one of your favorite assignments to give? Please share a few pieces of the best work your students have done for this assignment? Why do you like this work?
The projects the students live with over time are the best. It’s a perfect testament to one of the commandments of creativity - to never stand still. Over the quarter, I ask the students to promote their favorite typeface through a story.

It’s a blank canvas that allows for surprises, manifesting itself in different forms, from posters to books to brands. I love seeing the thought processes, the u-turns, the careful considerations needed -  teaching them that there is no right or wrong, just better or worse.

4.What do you like about teaching?
Students are like the best clients ever! :) It’s so satisfying seeing the progress students make over a quarter, it’s something that ensures that I keep providing the right stimulus every class, so I reap the rewards of students that share, are positively engaged in typography and are ultimately interested in learning.