Berlin: Conceptual Thinking with Bjoern Bremer

Instructor: Bjoern Bremer

1. What is your class about?
Conceptual Thinking is really about thinking first. Or as Dan Wieden used to say: ‘Get it right - Then up the crazy’. It is easy to come up with crazy creative ideas. But it’s hard to deliver on a brief, answer a problem, make people like and adore a brand or even simply to convince someone to buy a product. After all we ain’t artists.

2. What is the most important thing you want students to take away from your class?
In the real world, the client can only produce one idea, and one idea only. So, this needs to be the best. The Sh**. The one that beats all the others. The absolute superstar. Four kinda nice ideas isn’t good. If someone else has one better. So, crafting, fine-tuning, pounding that one idea again and again is crucial. Many students are good at coming up with many ideas, but not good in improving the one that would beat all contenders.

3. What is your favorite assignments to give?
Learn to ‘creative-direct’ yourself.

4. What do you like about teaching?
I love how innocent students still are. They are not ruined by the big evil advertising world yet. It allows me to take a step back from everyday life and actually enjoy what I do every day again. Basically it keeps me sane. They are as much a spark for me as I hope I am for them.  

5. Favorite work done by students?
Björn Köbe, a former student, wrote this TV Spot in my class and we later produced it:

Student: Björn Köbe