Idea Presentation with Kimberly Gonzalez

Instructor: Kimberly Gonzalez

  1. What is your class about?
    Idea Presentation is one of our universal core classes that covers a range of skills for our new students. We give the students a foundation class in the Adobe program InDesign, and use it to show them how to produce documents for print as well as presentation. They’ll need this for their career at school, and beyond. We also add a healthy dose of basic graphic design and typography to get them started on producing effective design that has an impact.


  2. What is the most important thing you want students to take away from your class?
    Personally, I want them to see the beauty and power of good design and the impact that it has on presenting their ideas. I want them to fall in love with typography and wonder at the difference leading makes in setting paragraph text. I want them to stop mumbling and engage their audience with an interesting presentation.


  3. What is one of your favorite assignments to give? Please share a few pieces of the best work your students have done for this assignment? Why do you like this work?
    The book assignment has been a staple of this class from day one. They need this type of project on so many levels: planning, specs, production, typography, layout, structure and printing. The students are free to choose any topic for their book and I have gotten almost every type of book.
  4. What do you like about teaching?
    I adore teaching. I never, ever get tired of the feeling of sharing knowledge and seeing what just one quarter of design does for  their work and their confidence sharing their ideas in front of a group. I love that it pushes ME to do better work and to never stop learning. Learning something new everyday and passing it on the my students is one of the most satisfying aspects of my career.